Open Eyes /19

Open Eyes Mainz is a design tour of all the design agencies in Mainz. We developed a cooperate identity for this tour and organized everything. The tour took place on January 11th 2019, it was a complete success. 

The "Open Eyes" tour enables an exchange between students from Mainz University of Applied Sciences and agencies, studios, workshops and offices from a wide range of the creative industries in Mainz. 

80 students took part in the first tour in 2019 and were given one-day insights into projects in the categories: Graphic design, digital media, photography, branding, text creation, architecture, illustration, software development, and much more. The work report documents this tour and shows the planning, design development and implementation in detail.

Year: 2019

Media: Corporate Identity, Poster, Brochure, Tote Bag, Installation, Documentation, Pins, Social Media, Sticker, short film 

TechniqueScreen-printing, offset print, plotting